Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Global & Regional Partners are purposefully and strategically connecting First with the mission of Jesus by advancing His Gospel throughout the world. The varied locations and ministries represented by our partners are specific to their unique calling by God. Our partners are supported by prayer, as well as financially through our Faith Promise Missions Budget.  

WHAT IS FAITH PROMISE?   It is First Baptist Church’s program to support global missions. We want all people groups to have the spiritual blinders removed so that they can treasure Jesus. (2 Corinthians 4:4)  Every fall we focus on asking God to grow our faith during the month of September. Bold faith always steps up and steps out believing God can do what is humanly impossible. The “secret” behind our faith promise campaign is ordinary people of all ages asking God for direction, listening to God for the “next step” answer, and trusting God to provide asthey give a faith offering.

HOW DOES IT WORK?   It is trusting God to supply over and above my tithe so that I can sacrificially give back to him for his worldwide work. It’s not a pledge! You are not accountable to any person or this church. It is only between you and God. Each year on our tally Sunday you are given a card to fill out which is only used for budgeting purposes. No one will call on you or look to see what you are giving. It’s about you trusting God.  

WHAT DOES IT DO?  “It works for eternity.” It is designated funds solely for our missionaries. Our missionaries rely on individuals and churches to support them financially, and this is FBC’s way of partnering with them.   To God be the glory, faithful giving is supporting these  missionaries:

Brian & Phyllis H - Papua New Guinea
Bryan & Cari S - Brazil
Mike & Michelle F - Cambodia
Metro Women's Center, MN
Bill & Lori S - Papua New Guinea
Jon & Julie S - Peru
Chandrashekar & Irene E - India
Eve a D - Jamaica